Leanne Gordon Miller

Leanne Gordon Miller

National Marketing Director

Leanne Gordon, now Leanne Gordon Miller, enjoys “living life to the plus” in the beautiful, warm, sunshine in Orlando with her 6 kids and her husband, Jake!

Leanne has been honored at the Elton Awards several times, including “Rookie of the Year” and “39 Club Member of the Year,” and then became a 100 Club member in 2010.

She describes her team as a beautiful picture of old friends and new friends, an amazing example of what can be done by a handful of passionate, committed people!

“Because I said “YES” to Juice Plus years ago, I get to say YES to what means the MOST to me today!!”
Funded by the National Institute of Health and American Cancer Society and Recipient of a “Young Investigator Award” from the Federation of the American Society of Experimental Biologists.

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