Toni Branner

Toni Branner

National Marketing Director

Leading by example in the wellness field, Toni is an exercise physiologist, professional speaker, wellness coach and she travels the nation inspiring healthy living through her workshops.

Toni is a National Marketing Director/50 Club Member with The Juice Plus+ Company. She is Fitness/Wellness Site Manager for The Go Site. She is also Director of Wellness & Prevention for the United States Performance Center. She is a former Professor at UNC-Chapel Hill in the Department of Exercise Science and Sports Medicine. She is Director of Care & Feeding Partners. They specialize in providing health-related seminars and workshops for children, adults & Seniors for over 30 years. She is also the Fitness Director for the Mecklenburg Aquatic Club in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Toni is author of the book, The Safe Exercise Handbook, 5th, Wilby’s Fitness Book for children, The Care and Feeding of a Dancer edition, The Care and Feeding of an Athlete (NAPPA Gold Winner), and The Care and Feeding of a Soccer Player.

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